The concept of “libido” has more psychological roots, because not to confuse it with potency, which refers to physiological erectile possible, it should not be. Simply put, the potency is can, then how libido is want. Libido refers to sexual attraction, the desire. A significant decreasing of libido for today is reflected as one of the leading problems of modern men. The point is that the satisfaction of men in sexual terms is the key to his physical health. Perhaps, that is why the stronger sex so sensitive to the slightest problems in sexual life.
Low libido can be concerned not necessarily representatives of Mature age, but relatively young men. There are a lot of explanations of lessening men’s libido.

Neuropsychiatric Causes

Daily stress, family scandals, troubles, work-related, lack of sleep or chronic fatigue, depression, all this contribute to the oppression of the male libido. Although men habitually perceive such emotional disturbances as a life rule, such states are often dangerous for male sexual health. Significantly reduce libido can constant scandals in the family. Family squabbles origin over-voltage region of the brain responsible for libido, convincing the brain that the man has already received the necessary sexual satisfaction. As a result, libido is reduced.

Chronic Diseases

Any disease affects male sexuality, and if it is chronic, it provides reducing libido. Such chronic diseases include cardiovascular disease, endocrine disorders, and disorders in the brain.

Bad Habits

Smoking, alcohol, and drugs strongly affect the human body. They also badly affect the male libido and inhibit sexual desire.


Repeatedly uncontrolled intake of drugs like steroids, hormones and antidepressants can cause the side effect of suppressing sexual desire. Therefore, experts are not recommended to take such drugs without the medical prescription, as the effects can be irreversible.

Irregular Sexual Activity

If a man is too active and rough sex life or she is virtually absent, echoing the long periods of abstinence, such men may experience a fading libido.
Violation of libido – is primarily a psychological problem. If you felt any abnormalities regarding libido, you should consult a doctor. If you believe that the decrease in libido can be cured with a pill Viagra you are mistaken. Viagra cures erectile dysfunction and provides strong erection during sexual intercourse. Viagra shows its effect only when the man has a natural sexual desire, which is the libido. If you want to increase your libido, then you should resort to the following ways.

First, refrain from bad habits if you have them.
Secondly, try to avoid quarrels and conflicts, especially with your loved one.
Third, you should review your menu and include such foods as seafood, fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, pumpkin seeds, and almonds.
Fourth, do not forget about physical exercises. Scientists have proven that men who are active in sports have not only good health but also stable and the highest degree of sexual arousal.
And fifth, do not forget about healthy sleep and rest.